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Our mission is to create the best possible study environment for students from all IT-related master degrees at CBS.

We want to bring together the students from the MSc Data Science, MSc Information Systems and MSc Digital Business (E-Business), because we all have the same interests in digitalization, IT, and data. By organizing and planning exciting social and academic events for IT master students we want to strengthen the network between the students as well as expand their capabilities in these area

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Our partners


In addition to creating a shared social platform for CBS IT Students, we are creating a link between you, the students, and the surrounding business environment.

The Union represents 650 students with diverse backgrounds and skills within IT. This extensive collaboration gives us a strong shared foundation for attracting exciting companies and other external stakeholders, which you could benefit from during and after your studies.

Specifically, look out for events such as workshops, company visits, recuriting events, guest speakers, case competitions, and the like with some of our partners.


At the CBS IT Union we aim to provide you, the students, with excellent and plentiful opportunities for socializing with and getting to know your fellow students within the MSc. Digitalization Department.

As such, we organize several events each year which range from quiz-nights, to costume parties, to our annual gala.

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We are passionate about improving the quality of IT studies for CBS IT students. To help students succeed in their academic pursuits, we offer guidance on electives, exchange programs, and master's thesis options.

In addition, we strive to save students time and effort by providing them with useful study materials that will help them to excel in their coursework.

Finally, we are committed to keeping students connected even after they have graduated, through our alumni network across the IT study lines.


The Communications department of IT Union is responsible for managing the organisation's internal and external communications.

This includes creating and distributing content for social media channels, website, and newsletters, as well as coordinating with other departments to promote events and initiatives. We also handle public relations and media outreach, ensuring that the organisation is portrayed positively.

The Communications department works to maintain a consistent brand image and message for IT Union, and to keep members and the broader community informed and engaged with the organisation's mission and activities.

CBS IT Union Board

Adrian Daeschlein

President & Head of Partnerships

Kristin Sundby

Head of Communications

Ida Gavlen

Head of Social

Nicola Friedrich

Head of Academics

Ann Sofie Nilausen

Head of Partnerships

Synne Lindsten

Head of Social

Marlin Haavengen

Head of Communications

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